J.MAK isn't just about a great hotel room. There is much more to it, where Hospitality meets Personality. Please meet the Personalities behind the Hospitality of these great places and spaces.  J.MAK is a brand that emphasizes the importance of relationships, social media, constant activity, and most importantly, success. J.MAK helps clients find their individual flair, relax, feel confident and stand out from the herd. Clients learn to trust their instinct and create their mark, focusing on what makes their property or service so attractive and unique.  We work together combining our passion for the industry that is so deeply embedded in us.

The mission is simple:

Sue Ferguson comes to J.MAK as a seasoned road warrior, having worked with J.MAK as a hotel partner for many years SU.MAK knows how to handle all kinds of Hospitality Personalities! She and J.MAK share the same passion and excellence in promoting small, upscale hotels, and working closely with their clients. Sue has had extensive experience in the Caribbean and European markets, specializing in sales, marketing and reservations. Sue handles the West Coast for J.MAK based in Pebble Beach, CA.
Bonnie Scott joins J.MAK with over 15 years of Hospitality Personality behind her! BON.E has experience on property at hotels such as the Plaza, Soho and Tribeca Grand in NYC as well as off property with luxury hotel brand experience. Bonnie is a New York City native, enjoys exercise, eating healthy, and is a new mother to a beautiful baby boy!
Alex Pangelinan is a hotel and travel professional with over 20 years of hotel experience both in global sales and on property. A.PAN has worked for luxury brands based in North America, Asia and Europe with hotels all around the globe. His favorite part of the industry, besides the traveling, is helping others make the most of their travel experiences. Alex lives in New Zealand with his partner and his beloved Labradoodle, known as “The Dood,” and handles the Asia-Pacific region for J.MAK.
Max Hoener comes to J.MAK with nearly 10 years of hospitality experience, most notably at Auberge Resorts. Now known as J.MAX, he loves being able to work in all aspects of the hospitality and travel industries, while using this knowledge, to guide the perfect travel experiences. With a deep passion for adventure sports in the great outdoors, Max grew up in New York, leaving after high school to pursue mountains, sports and college in Colorado. After college, charity work and skiing took him around the world and a passion for hospitality ensued. J.MAX lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife (who is also his personal Virtuoso Travel Advisor) and their two Australian Cattle Dogs, who love mountain biking and skiing along with J.MAX.
J.MAK goes EURO and welcomes Dolores Bertos better known as D.BER based in Europe! Born and raised in Barcelona, and currently living in Lugano, Switzerland, Dolores enjoys spending time with her son. D.BER has dealt with J.MAK before and is fluent in 5 languages, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan so J.MAK has no idea what she is saying half of the time!  D.BER is a true Hospitality Personality, great at building relationships and has over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. She has worked in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and the UK. She loves traveling, meeting with friends, and dinner parties!
Jeff Sirota is excited to be the newest member of the J.MAK team, coming on board as Sir.J. He started in the industry working as a Virtuoso travel agent, and comes to us from one of the top producing agencies in the network where he oversaw travel trade marketing and partnerships. In between, Jeff worked on property at a boutique hotel in Los Angeles and is probably best known for the role where he first worked with J.MAK: eventually making his way up to role of VP of Sales for Small Luxury Hotels. Needless to say, he brings in a perspective from both sides of the business. Sir.J currently resides in New York City, just blocks from J.MAK HQ: what a perfect commute! Aside from his love of travel, he enjoys fitness, cooking, and discovering all of the exciting elements of life in NYC. Even J.MAK's mother loves him!