Classic Vacations

Classic Vacations is a full-service resource for Travel Advisors, providing product expertise and superb customer care. Whether discovering a destination’s natural beauty, architectural marvels, delicious cuisine, indulgent spas, great golf, or local culture, Classic makes it easy for advisors to coordinate the myriad of details that make an unforgettable vacation, including competitive first-class airfares, exceptional resorts and villas, exciting tours, and outstanding ground services. Classic Vacations represents over 1,300 hotels and has affiliations with the top brands, including Virtuoso, AMEX, Signature, Ensemble, Travel Leaders Group, and Consortia X. Destinations include Hawaii, Europe, Caribbean/Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Tahiti, Fiji, Maldives, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CV manage flights once booked?

You can provide Frequent Flyer numbers and or TSA/Global Entry numbers and we will attach to the PNR. Yes, passengers will accrue mileage when Classic books their air.

Schedule changes – minor schedule changes are communicated via our reservation system directly to you via email. Any major schedule change will be directed to our booking agent – who would then reach out to you to discuss options.

Would I still have the availability to work directly with the hotels with any special requests or concierge services?

Yes you would – and this is something I highly encourage especially for VIP clients. I think it elevates the overall guest service level for the booking.

Is there a specific point person assigned once a trip is booked?

Yes, when initiating the booking through When your request is submitted to this email address, it is assigned to reservation staff that will be with you start to finish. Our concierge staff gets involved when there are needs outside of what the reservations’ agents have access to book e.g. Spa Treatments + Dinner Reservation.

I'm assuming my client would still get any hotel perks as if I were to book this myself?

Depends . Some hotels do not extend consortium amenities to wholesale bookings – many do however, and that would be discussed during the booking process. What we try to do for those that do not pass through amenities, is match up those amenities through other means to compensate. That comes with a cost however, so we typically cannot pay full commission – but usually still more commission than what is available when booking direct. We cannot always make this work and will advise if it is best to just book direct, but we win most of these challenges!

Do you offer tours and excursions as well?

Yes we do – though there is a lot of work being done now to add contracted tours. Biggest gap right now is Hawaii and it is being worked on.