Troutbeck . Amenia . New York .

Troutbeck is a 36 room/suite country retreat that is a member of Design Hotels and Virtuoso. It is located in the hamlet of Amenia, New York approximately 58 miles from SWF Airport, 62 miles from HPN airport, 34 miles from POU airport, and 100 miles from LGA and JFK Airport. Train access from New York’s Grand Central Station to Wassaic Station takes approximately 2 hours, and the scenic ride is just the beginning of the experience! The gateway to the Hudson Valley’s cultural and creative corridor, Troutbeck re-envisioned and carefully updated in 2017, is again what it was to so many before us: inspiration, respite, restoration, community, nature, and nurture – carrying forward its 250 year legacy of hospitality. During the time of the estate’s first owners, the Benton Family, Troutbeck, played frequent host to literary greats, among them; Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, W.E.B. Du Bois, Langston Hughes, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. At this time the hotel does not allow children under 12 until further notice.

June 5, 2020

We are eager for your arrival. Our team has worked diligently to recalibrate our services and protocols

to either meet or exceed present-day guidelines intended to ensure our mutual wellbeing. Our longestablished

health and safety practices and protocols have been modified, augmented and, have informed

changes to our service offering. What follows is a detailed overview of what to expect from check-in to

check-out. We are already planning for your visit.

So that we best meet your needs we ask that you review this letter in full. Should you choose to book your

stay with us you will receive a pre-arrival registration package which we ask that you return to us in good

time. Guest services will be in touch with you prior to your arrival to confirm your preferences. Once

we’ve firmed up your itinerary we will send it to you for final review prior to your arrival.


In general, please be advised that:

•  We are offering only a limited number of guestrooms initially. Less that 50% of our total.

•  Your guestroom will have been fully sanitized and sealed. Your guestroom will not have been

occupied for at least 72 hours prior to your arrival.

•  All arrivals will be checked-in at the Manor House from the driver side of your automobile. Please

remain in your car until you are fully checked-in.

•  Your temperature will be taken prior to completing check-in. Those whose temperatures exceed

CDC guidance will not be permitted to check-in.

•  All food & beverage service will be offered via in-room dining or as a picnic. In place guidelines

currently prohibit table and bar service in our public areas.

•  All staff members will wear face coverings and gloves. All guests are required to do the same

when passing through our public spaces.

•  Staff members - apart from our fastidious housekeeping professionals - will minimize their

presence in public areas.

• Public areas are marked with directional signage. Please be attentive when navigating the

property. We have thought carefully about how best to maintain congestion-free circulation.

•  Our reception will be manned 24 hours a day for the duration of your visit. Reception will have

your itinerary at hand, can be reached by phone or via email at should

you have any questions or requests.

• Our public areas have been fitted with medical grade HEPA/UV filtration systems, and all

guestrooms have operable windows.


As you contemplate your visit please refer to the property map attached for orientation. On it you’ll note

The Tall Barn, our recently completed 1,250 sq ft movement studio. Alongside is the Long Barn in which

we offer a full gym, treatment rooms, infrared sauna, traditional sauna and, changing rooms. At the time

of this letter, by directive, the Barns are closed. If anything changes, we’ll let you know before you arrive.

To ensure compliance with state mandated occupancy guidelines and best practice, once open, we

anticipate that here too all services offered at The Barns will be on a reservation basis only. This will

likely include access to the fitness room.

Tennis, complimentary bicycles and our heated outdoor pool are all available by reservation, today. You

may choose from amongst our many predesignated hammock, picnic, and campfire sites across the

property. These are described further herein. You will see their locations called out on the property map.


For the time being we are offering a “full board” rate inclusive of:

•  Exceptionally well-appointed accommodations for two

•  Breakfast for two (in-room dining)

•  Dinner for two, including wine pairings (in-room dining or “take out”).

• Service charges

•  Exclusive of tax

Note that lunch is at your option and, along with any incidental charges, is in addition to the full board


Prior to your arrival you will be asked to sign your guest registration, credit card authorization and verify

your details electronically. At no time whilst on property will you be asked to present a credit card or

sign a guest check.


Our customary cancellation policy is suspended for the time being. Your reservation may be cancelled up

to 48 hours prior to arrival, free of charge. Thereafter, should you cancel you will be charged 100% at the

applicable full board rate per room night reserved. Given the nature of our preparations - well in advance

of your arrival - there will be no exceptions to last-minute cancellations. That said, you should have plenty

of flexibility beforehand to confirm your plans with us.


All guests are required to check-in at the Manor House.

•  Our driveway alarm will alert reception to your arrival. Signage will direct you to pull up to the

Manor House front door where you will be met by our guest services agent. Please do not leave

your car.

•  We will ask that you and your companion(s) please submit to a mandatory temperature check.

•  You will receive your sanitized guestroom key card and visual direction to your guestroom.

•  Please print the copy of your itinerary sent to you prior to your arrival. Our staff will not

provide you with a printed version unless requested by you and, only once you have checked in.

•  We will confirm your itinerary and answer any initial questions you may have for us.

•  Luggage service is suspended temporarily. You may be invited to leave your luggage in a

convenient location while you park your car, as directed.

It bears repeating that all guests are required to submit to a temperature screening at check-in. We trust

that you, like we, have taken all reasonable and necessary precautions prior to your arrival. Should you

or anyone travelling with you test above the acceptable limit, you will not be permitted to check-in. In

such an event you will unfortunately forfeit your deposit in full. If you arrive together with friends under

separate reservations neither party will be accepted to check-in. Please be sure to carefully monitor your

health prior to confirming your visit with us.


Hate to see you go. Your folio will be prepared the night before and emailed to you for review on your

last morning with us. Please review it carefully as any additional charges will have been added. Kindly

respond via email, call or visit reception with any questions or concerns. Any adjustments will be charged

at check-out time.


For the time being, our food and beverage services are available to in-house guests and members only.

Our exceptional culinary team, led by Chef Gabe McMackin, will carefully plan all of your meals with your

unique dietary restrictions in mind. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all feature the most exciting things we

can find in the moment. Our field-to-fork approach is strongly influenced by both the abundance and the

scarcity inherent in sourcing only what is seasonal and what is best. Such is the nature and the pleasure

in living close to the land.

One of the great joys of Troutbeck is our connection to our natural surroundings. Our food program

emphasizes that connection – directly linked to the farms and purveyors who surround us, to what they

make, grow, and gather. This is the most direct path between great food and you. And, it is the way that

we as the cooks, waitstaff, bakers, and bartenders derive the greatest pleasure from our craft.

You will of course have options, but, considered options, and, no two meals will be the same. You’ll be

invited to preselect your breakfast from Gabe’s market selections alongside the great breads and pastries

that Ariel bakes. Lunch is available either at the Pool where our guests can order a la Carte, or as a picnic

by arrangement. Dinner, including wine pairings will be what is the best and brightest, most nourishing

and most gratifying. The ever changing menu is a snapshot in time, built for you to enjoy and, something

to celebrate. Menu’s will be made available 24 hours in advance.

To best meet your expectations we ask that you inform us of your dietary restrictions or special needs at

least 72 hours in advance. Please complete the simple questionnaire we will provide in your registration



Due to in place guidelines, we offer all meals through in room dining. We ask that you complete the preorder

form provided in your pre-arrival packet to help us to plan your meals. Be sure to include your

dietary restrictions, especially allergies and needs, but also particular likes and dislikes as our team will

keep these in mind when formulating their meal plans during your stay.

Breakfast 8am to 10am daily

Lunch 11:30 to 1:30pm daily

Dinner 6pm to 8pm daily

For service between mealtimes please contact Reception for information on our daily offerings.

Room service will be delivered within your preselected timeframe. Our staff will not enter you room but,

rather, will leave your tray at your door. They will knock to notify you that your order has arrived.

Reception will call you to confirm that all is in order. Once finished, please return the service items to the

stand outside of your guestroom door and notify reception.


Should you choose to spend the day lounging riverside in a hammock we offer a picnic via pre-order that

will await you at your reserved hammock spot. This option is in addition to your full board package and

is at your option. However, do note that these areas, listed below, must be reserved prior to your arrival

using the pre-arrival form.

With your privacy and quiet relaxation in mind, our staff will not visit you at your site. Your picnic will be

delivered prior to your arrival along with the beverage service you’ve specified. Kindly repack the cooler

before returning to your guestroom and we will look after it from there.

All of our outdoor lounge spaces include two hammocks, Adirondack chairs, and a table. The sites below

are listed in order of proximity – nearest to farthest – from the Manor House and are:


Note that prior to your arrival your guestroom will have been thoroughly sanitized. This includes all

remote controls, handsets, alarm clocks, knobs, pulls, and surfaces. In addition, an air purifying device

will have been used for the prescribed period of time once our staff have completed their work. Your

room will be sealed prior to arrival.

Housekeeping will not enter your room for the duration of your stay unless expressly requested. Guests

may not be present in the room whilst housekeeping is providing service. Additional towels and

amenities are located in the room for your convenience.


For the time being we must restrict our services to include children 12 years of age and older. While we

love children and the way they animate our public spaces, the burden on guardians to control younger

children is too great. We fully expect to welcome children back to Troutbeck soon.

This too is the case for dogs. While dogs are permitted outside on the grounds, they are not permitted in

either the guestrooms or the public areas until further notice.

Both policies are, we believe, temporary and intended to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of all of our

guests. We thank you for your understanding.

With spring now well underway and summer upon us, Troutbeck and all of our outdoor and natural

amenities is in all of its glory. During what are uncertain times, we very much hope that you find here the

peace, respite, recreation and renewal you so deserve.

We look forward to seeing you soon!