Currently selling the April 2022 mission

The Trip of a Lifetime

Fulfill your clients’ dreams of space travel with a trip to the International Space Station. The travel company partnered with Axiom Space (whose CEO is a former Director of NASA’s ISS program) to offer civilians an out of this world experience -  and ultimate bragging rights - with a 10 day trip to space, orbiting the Earth at 17,150mph and experiencing sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes. (Tom Cruise is already signed up.)  Axiom guests will participate in 15 weeks of training alongside career astronauts,  then blast off into space in a custom rocket. Guests stay in modules that ensure ultimate comfort in harmony with the movements of the human body in zero gravity, including variable temperature LED lighting for adjusting circadian rhythm and large windows to experience the view of Earth from above.

The experience starts from $55 million and includes transportation to and from the station, time in orbit, and training camp.


Oct 2021 mission is sold out

2 seats available for April 2022

Price is $55m per ticket for 10 day mission

15 weeks mandatory training, not all together but scattered throughout and depending on schedule

Private astronaut missions are typically 3 private astronauts + 1 mission commander.

Mission commander for Oct 2021 is Michael Lopez Alegria, a renowned astronaut

Experience the transformative power of seeing the earth from space

Can be a great marketing opportunity for someone or a platform to spread their message, whether that's saving the coral reef or clean water for everyone

Someone has to do this so we can stand on their shoulders and future generations can thank them for being pioneers

Tom Cruise supposedly going for 30-day mission in Oct 2022 with Mission Impossible director Doug Liman

Eytan Stibbe just went public with his participation:

Once you get up to ISS, the itinerary is:

Travel around the Earth at 17,150 mph.

Experience sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes while orbiting Earth.

FaceTime your family from an altitude of 250 miles above sea level.

Hang out with the ISS astronauts and talk about the transformative feeling of seeing earth from above.