Ken and Molly Thomas

Ken and Molly Thomas, the husband and wife owners of Luxury Cayman Villas, met in college and quickly came to realize their shared love and passion for travel. Having studied abroad in Barbados and Prague, the two caught the travel bug and enjoyed exploring the world together, eventually including their children, while they both worked as attorneys. As their careers progressed, so did their ability to enjoy the luxuries of five-star travel and they especially appreciated private villas, which they found to be more accommodating for their growing family. This appreciation eventually led them to purchase properties on the Cayman Islands which they rented out to help finance them.

What started out as investments on the side transformed into a full-fledged luxury villa business and one that is slated to further evolve as they add boutique hotels into the fold along with a new name, The Luxury Cayman Collection. One of the biggest challenges for them initially was establishing credibility within the market as neither Molly nor Ken had any formal hospitality background aside from working in restaurants and bars. Juggling her legal career and parenthood along with their villa obligations, Molly made the decision to fully dedicate herself to the company, leaving her legal practice. This, in addition to their move to the Cayman Islands ten years ago, is what allowed them to fully grow the business into what it is today.

Molly says that “helping families create memories that last a lifetime is a wonderful thing” and that she truly enjoys the creative side of designing and curating spaces for people to enjoy on their vacations. She says the people are her favorite part of working in hospitality and that she loves the ability to meet and engage with them from all over the world. Her positive outlook is contagious: even in today’s environment, she sees a silver lining and she’s always dreaming of the future and new projects. She feels as though the future of luxury travel will call for an even more personalized experience with a greater emphasis on the immersive and local. Their business is well-positioned to take this on and Molly leaves us with the encouragement to“Never give up!  If you have a vision and believe in what you’re doing, never let others push you off course.”