White Camel Acacia Camp . Erg Chebbi . Morocco .

Situated in the remote and idyllic sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, the White Camel Acacia Camp was imagined for you to experience the Sahara Desert like a true Berber nomad, but with all the luxuries of the most exclusive five-star lodge. From the moment the founders stumbled upon this scenic piece of native land, they set out to create something extraordinary. It is envisioned as a place to disconnect, exhale, and experience authentic Moroccan hospitality and nature. The Kingdom’s diverse seasons offer a wide range of possibilities that guests can experience during their stay. Guests wake up to a vibrant sunrise and the smell of fresh coffee, can practice yoga on a private terrace, bake bread with the local Berbers, camel trek into the sunset, and sip champagne while watching the shooting stars traverse the night sky. Among the wisest of the desert’s teachers is the Acacia – a beautiful tree embedded into the memories of every child who grows up in the Sahara. The protectress symbolizes strength, power, and its essence is the beating heart of the camp.