Hospitality. Personality.

J.MAK isn't just about a great hotel room.
It's where hospitality meets personality. Whether you choose nature, nurture, culture, or adventure, J.MAK has the dot on the map just for you—in your own neighborhood or around the globe.
We chose J.MAK as a partner to represent J.K. Place in North America because he is the only one who really understands the soul and the spirit of J.K.Place.
Ori Kafri
Founder, J.K. Place
I love your response times! It's just amazing and makes me (the client/customer) feel appreciated and valued.
Nelson Billington
Director of Client Operations, MilesAhead
Just know that with J.MAK representing you in the U.S., you have the BEST GUY out there… !
Eric Maryanov
President, All-Travel
Thank you for making the trip to me! It was really so nice to see someone other than my immediate family :) You are the absolute best at what you do!!!! (in response to visit)
Rebecca MacGregor
A Sense of Place Travel