Hospitality. Personality.

J.MAK isn't just about a great hotel room.
It's where hospitality meets personality. Whether you choose nature, nurture, culture, or adventure, J.MAK has the dot on the map just for you—in your own neighborhood or around the globe.
I adore J.Mak....I book hotels just b/c of him. He is really the best you guys can have!
Robert Merlin
I know many of you are already big fans of Jon and his staff but wanted to share with you. If you have not used JMAK before or in a long while, keep him and his properties front of mind when you are planning your clients trips. He really does deliver and really does have our backs 😊
Kathy Brueggemeyer
Sanders Travel Centre
Jon….Major WOW factor- each and every property in your collection is unique, experiential and ultra-special!
Phoebe Weinberg
President, Greatways Travel

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