Hospitality. Personality.

J.MAK isn't just about a great hotel room.
It's where hospitality meets personality. Whether you choose nature, nurture, culture, or adventure, J.MAK has the dot on the map just for you—in your own neighborhood or around the globe.
J.MAK, here’s the truth-you don’t make me call you. You reply right away. The hotels do amazing things when you are mentioned. You only have the most lovely properties. What more can I say? Except that you and your handsome husband have the cutest little boy!
Erika Chiostri
Fugazi Travel Agency
Thanks Jon!! One thing I do know is that you are always there for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
Sandie Weisenthal
I really LOVE YOU. You really are one of those people who makes problems go away. You are 1 in a million to be honest.
Gloria Gammo
Founder + Luxury Travel Advisor, GG INSPIRED
Always love working with vendors from your portfolio:) Thanks for making our jobs a little easier! xoxo
Linda Sergeant
Founder, Curator of Luxury Travel Experiences at Far and Away Luxury Destinations