Poseidonion Grand Hotel . Spetses . Greece .

Poseidonion Grand Hotel is a 52 room/suite hotel in Spetses, Greece and is a member of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Traveller Made. It is approximately 130 miles from ATH Airport and accessible by car, private transfer, hydrofoil and helicopter. The hotel offers spectacular views of the Dapia Port area and the sparkling blue-turquoise sea. Despite its famously grand architecture, Spetses has managed to retain a serene island atmosphere. The horse and carriage remains the most popular form of transport for both islanders and visitors. The resort is open from early April to late October.


Protecting your stay

Your safety is our legacy


Our hotel has received the “Health First” certification.

We employ “Eco Project” cold foggers for the disinfection of our premises.

We employ Diversey disinfectants.

Preserving the safety of our guests:

All members of our team have received testing for COVID-19.

Daily temperature measurements are performed.

Each of our team members abides
by the necessary hygiene, safety and distancing measures.

Our team members use Personal Protective Equipment.

Every member of our team is fully trained in new health and safety measures, as well as our emergency response plan.

We have arranged a 24/7 partnership with a medical doctor.

Hand sanitiser stations can be found throughout the common areas of our premises.

All our common areas are disinfected completely at a high frequency.

We recommend that our stairs be used instead of our elevators.

All surfaces are disinfected throughout the day.

Areas that guests come into contact with frequently, including our elevator buttons, the counter at our reception desk and various metallic surfaces, are kept in pristine condition throughout the day.

Our travel designer services ensure bespoke services with total safety and the requested level of exclusivity.

A book of records is kept and the entry of visitors who are not residing at the hotel is limited for the safety of our guests.

All our common areas are well-ventilated, with constant circulation of fresh air indoors.


Our Front Office is available on a 24-hour basis

Our Front Office has been configured so as to allow convenient access.

Check-in takes place at 15.00 and check-out takes place at 11.00 to ensure the thorough disinfection of rooms between guests.

Key cards are disinfected between guests.

POS machines are disinfected regularly.

Floor markings have been set in place to ensure the appropriate distancing is


In-room hygiene measures:

All our rooms and suites are cleaned and disinfected in-depth before every arrival.

For safety purposes, housekeeping services are not performed unless this is requested by our guests.

All fabrics in our accommodations are deep cleaned and disinfected with a steamer; remote controls are covered with one-use membranes.

Our accommodations are thoroughly disinfected between guests with the use of cold foggers from Eco Project.

One-use disinfection wipes have been placed in our rooms and suites.

As a protective measure, all printed material has been removed from our rooms and suites.

With every guest change disinfection of each room’s A/C unit takes place.


All our F&B outlets observe the necessary distances between tables.

Our team members adhere to strict hygiene regulations and utilise

Personal Protective Equipment when serving our guests.

We strongly suggest that reservations are made prior to a visit to our F&B outlets.

For safety purposes, our menus can be perused in digital form, accessible through the use of QR codes. Single-use copies will be provided to our guests if this is required.

Breakfast is served between 07.30 and 10.30 each morning, both at the buffet with the assistance of our waiters, and through an à la carte option.

All kitchen procedures have been certified in accordance with HACCP protocols.

Facilities | Pools:

Appropriate distancing guidelines are observed and only one guest per 5 sqm will be allowed within our pool. Quality controls take place at regular intervals.

Regular disinfections of sunbeds, tables and equipment at the pool area are performed.

It is requested that our visitors use our pool showers before entering the pool.

Our team members are responsible for ensuring that the required social distancing is maintained and that only the appropriate number of guests is allowed in the pool at one time.

Our guests are offered fresh, clean towels, which have been disinfected and safely sealed in protective packaging.

The water of our pool undergoes regular testing to ensure its pristine conditions in accordance with national standards.


Mageia Boutique Artion Galleries

The area undergoes complete disinfection at regular intervals.

Our team members follow all necessary health and safety guidelines at all times.

Wellness | Gym - Spa - Hair Salon:

A reservation is required prior to each visit.

After every use, the gym and all fitness equipment are completely disinfected.

Our team members follow all the necessary health and safety guidelines at all times.

A variety of wellness treatments, as well as hair & nail salon services are provided to guests in-room.