BlueVillas . The Luxury Concept . Greece . Spain .

BlueVillas is dedicated to finding the best villas for your perfect vacation rental. Each “BlueVilla” has a different story to tell, from design and location, to environment and atmosphere. They only select the villas that meet their carefully chosen 100+ criteria, visit their villas in person and make sure they will be prepared for your guest’s arrival to the highest standards; plush towels, luxury toiletries, top-quality linens, and the best beds and pillows for the perfect night’s sleep. Their team knows the islands inside and out, so your guests can benefit from authentic and honest concierge. A reservation at the hottest bars or a cruise on a brand-new yacht? Where to eat the best Mediterranean cuisine? We will make it happen for you, even last-minute. For the best possible BlueVilla holiday experience, they have curated a range of specialized experiences in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. With local insider knowledge and key contacts, their mission is to offer your guests unforgettable experiences to turn into memories that will last a lifetime. Blue Villas is now featuring private villas in Ibiza, Spain with access to beautiful landscapes and vibrant nightlife.