The Pine Estate . Spetses . Greece

The Pine Estate - a new addition to the Poseidonion Grand Hotel family - is a breathtaking property with boundless beauty and seclusion only achievable through the voice of nature, in a private space that seems limitless. The estate features 5 bedrooms in which four of its bedrooms open to a spacious infinity pool and emerald sea views. Its Master Bedroom is removed from the other accommodations to offer an additional level of privacy and leads to a verdant garden, where one can lounge in the cool shade and listen to the sound of the cicadas​. It’s set on a forested cape at the crest of the island, providing visitors the feeling that they are at the land’s end. Total autonomy is a gift in 6 acres of grounds, so spacious that they feel endless, in a microcosm that seems separate from the island of Spetses. The Main House of The Pine Estate was originally built as a humble hunting lodge, capturing the elegant simplicity of Spetses architecture in full. Its understated luxury is a whisper of noble simplicity, with rooms that are in a continuous conversation with the surrounding gardens. All services at The Pine Estate are provided through the care of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, an emblem of authentic hospitality which has been a part of the Spetses skyline since it first opened its doors in 1914.

130 Miles


Ioanna Argyraki